Diana Veras Is Turning Heads—And Making Waves

Introducing #MilkLoves: the definitive Milk roster of ones to watch in 2018. Follow along as we reveal our top 10 favorites to slay this year in activism, artistry, and more.

Next up in our #MilkLoves crew is model and all-around beauty queen Diana Veras, crowned “Most Likely to Shake Up The Status Quo” in 2018. Choosing the moniker was an easy task—as far as fashion is concerned, Veras has established herself (at the age of 21, no less) as a definitive household name, appearing in campaigns for everything from H&M to Aerie to posing nude for NARS. She’s been an outspoken advocate on the subjects of body positivity and inclusivity, as well as political issues like protecting net neutrality.

In a world that’s often still preoccupied with body shaming and rituals of comparison, Veras’ activism is more necessary than ever, and is helping to uphold the voices of self-love and self-care over those of self-hate. 2018 will be no different; as far as that’s concerned, Veras isn’t playing around—according to her, “it’s going to be spectacular, because [she] said so.” We couldn’t agree more.

Additional credits: 

Stylist: Sam Weir

Hair Stylist: Takuya Sugawara

Makeup Artist: Juliet Jane

Stay tuned to Milk for more from the #MilkLoves series.

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