We talk to Lindsey Wixson about closing the gap (in her mouth) and starring in Alice McCall's new Resort campaign.



Lindsey Wixson Talks Shopping & Alice McCall Campaign [Exclusive]

Working on a campaign is, I imagine, not the easiest endeavor. And the ever-increasing number of seasons in the fashion calendar certainly can’t be making anyone’s life easier. So when a brand releases a campaign that manages to strike the perfect balance between commercial and unique—at once appealing to the masses and the most niche corners of the industry—you know this must have been the combined efforts and creative visions of a dream team. Alice McCall’s Cruise ’16 campaign, which we’re exclusively releasing here, is a case in point. Starring gap-toothed cutie and fashion vet Lindsey Wixson, the campaign was shot by lauded fashion photographer Emma Summerton at the Goldstein Residence in Los Angeles, and styled by McCall.

Based in Australia, Alice McCall launched her eponymous brand in 2004 after working as a stylist in London. In fact, it was while styling in London for over 20 years that she met Summerton and learned much of the skills that she applies to her career today. While seemingly girly, Alice’s aesthetic is actually rather dichotomous—“a balance,” as she put it, “between pretty and whimsical.” And it’s this dichotomy that she aimed to highlight in her campaign. “For this shoot I wanted to create [something] that was premium and aspirational, but also slightly left of field and quirky.” Which is where Wixson comes in—who, upon first glance, might appear rather fawn-like, but is in fact a low-maintenance girl from Kansas City with a penchant for mullets.

After the shoot wrapped, we hopped on the phone with Lindsey to chat about working with Emma, the dentist, and her plans for the future.

How was the shoot for the Alice McCall campaign?

It was fun. The clothes were summery. I shot with Emma, who’s my friend, and met Alice. We had a great time and everything fit really well. Laid back vibes.

Have you shot with Emma before?

Yeah, I’ve shot with Emma before. I like shooting with her, she’s a rock star.

“Since I’ve been doing this job for seven years, I like to get a little creative with it.”

What’s your favorite shoot you’ve ever worked on?

I think when I get to do more personal work—where I get to pick the clothes or I get to art direct—that’s when I have the most fun. Since I’ve been doing this job for seven years, I like to get creative with it. That’s when I have my most fun. I couldn’t [pick] one shoot because there are so many.

Were you given creative freedom on the Alice McCall shoot?

Emma [gave me creative freedom]. We worked together as a team—so, yeah.

What is the best clothing item or accessory you’ve been gifted?

A pair of glasses and some Miu Miu shoes.



You’re still so young, but you’ve been in the industry for a pretty long time. How do you think the industry has changed in the last couple years? 

Oh, Instagram. Everyone has a say now. [Laughs] There are definitely a lot of opinions.

What do you think is the most important skill or quality to have as a model?

I think work ethic. In any profession, work ethic is the most important thing.

“I see myself probably fabricating my own furniture and brass knobs.”

Where are your favorite places to shop in the city?

I’m pretty shopped out, you know? Just like, vintage shops. My friend Heathermary Jackson, who’s a stylist, has an online used clothing store, The Brownstone Cowboys.

What do you see yourself doing in five years?

I see myself probably fabricating my own furniture and brass knobs. 

Oh wow, cool. What’s the most fun show to walk?


Have you ever gone to the dentist and they tried to close your gap, and you were like, “NO!”  

I went to a dentist once and they kind of shaved a little bit—you know the pointy tooth? The canine tooth?—they shaved that because it was really pointy, and they kind of shaved my two front teeth a little bit. Slightly. It was supposed to make the line of the teeth more uniform or something. Other than that, I haven’t had braces. I haven’t done anything to my teeth. I just get my cavities filled and that’s it.

Is your agency sort of strict about that? Would they get pissed if you came in one day and your gap was closed?

I don’t think it could happen overnight, and I don’t think that I ever will (laughs).


Photography: Emma Summerton

Styling: Alice McCall

Model: Lindsey Wixson

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