Lipstick Lobby Is The Nonprofit Lipstick-ing It To The Man

Two months ago, an entire nation’s frustration over lack of gun control culminated in cities all over the country with March For Our Lives. That was March 24; since then, we’ve seen little to no action in Congress in response to our demands. It’s clear that tragedy will continue to strike if preventative measures aren’t taken (on average, the US pays witness to one mass shooting per day), but, thankfully, a refusal to act in Washington, DC only adds fuel to the fire of those fighting for change.

Enter The Lipstick Lobby: born out of that same urgency to act, the nonprofit works in the name of social justice, pushing for change, progress, and equality. With an umbrella mission of positive progress propelling The Lipstick Lobby forward, each product then hones in on one specific cause. On National Gun Violence Awareness Day, the theme of the hour is an obvious one. One hundred percent of profits from The Lipstick Lobby’s newest shade, FIRED UP, will go to The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

This issue so strongly presented itself; it was a no-brainer,” Davida Hall, Founder and Creator of The Lipstick Lobby says. “It’s life or death. Go to school and it’s a battlefield. As a mother, as a woman, as a common sense person in the world, we had to do this.”

This issue so strongly presented itself; it was a no-brainer.

Casting for the FIRED UP campaign took on special meaning once the issue was selected. It wasn’t enough to curate a diverse, beautiful cast of men and women; this time, it had to be those closest to the cause. Survivors of Parkland, Columbine, and Sandy Hook came alongside parents whose children were lost in other tragedies to take a stand. No one was exempt from this narrative.

“We created this tapestry, to put out in the world,” Hall says. “It’s not just one neighborhood, or one school. It could be anyone anywhere. It’s a black, white, gay, straight issue. Let’s just get it together and work together to change loss and change thinking.”

Some of the incredible faces for our newest shade, #FIREDUP, are #survivors, friends, and family affected by #gunviolence. We had such an incredible time with them and can honestly say they are some of the most passionate, inspiring, and unforgettable people we have met. They include: @gaysagainstgunsny #MichaelaKraemer #MichelleGaffney #KimParkerRussell #IvySchamis #AprilSchentrup #SabrinaSchamis #KrisBrown #HeatherMartin #SherrieLawson @jennyywadhwa #StaceyannLlewellyn @paecarter @evelynschentrup @vanesleyshannon @aalayah.eastmond @maddiegaffney @dylankraemer @alliekraemer @the810tony We’ve partnered with @bradybuzz to launch this bold, matte lipstick in support of #gunsafety. 100% of net profits from the sales of the lipstick will be donated to The Brady Center to help reach their goal of cutting U.S. gun deaths in half by 2025. How can you do your part? Shop now. Link in bio Special thanks to: @katepowerslovesyou @kellyhillstylist @jrhproduction @whteverjunewants @elizabethcturner @zairamayari @lula_t_kenfe @katherinemhowe @fridacashflow @christinestragazzi @aligirllll @bertillenoiret @kevintvu @andreszz @fualbert @daniellestlaurent @robertmassman @estebanaladro @lukaszpukowiec @penumbrapics @oliviasnyderspak @dblok22 @savannahholte @angecan @lionhommer14 @tracymurphymua @_sierramin @cdaymakeup @ayakudomua @makeupmark @sawaart23 @bustedhair @cutanddryhair @milk @danibob @aziza.rasu @rebdc #enoughisenough #gunviolenceprevention

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For such a serious issue, there’s still a little room within The Lipstick Lobby mantra for smiles and laughter. It’s a welcome respite.

“‘Our whole motto is “Lipstick it to the man’,” she says. “I think that really speaks to our ethos, your face is what you put forward to the world. The idea really is to speak your mind and let your lips do the talking, and not back down from that.”

FIRED UP was produced and photographed at Milk Studios, where we had a firsthand look at just how passionate and collaborative the project was. There is no greater embodiment of The Lipstick Lobby’s commitment to compassion and change than the team of women behind it.

“All of us that created this campaign have been so profoundly affected by these survivors and their stories,” photographer Kate Powers says. “Our hope is that somehow these images convey the devastating impact these shootings have had on their lives and that somehow people are moved to pay attention, to speak up and to get engaged and fight for change. Even in small ways.”

FIRED UP is vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the U.S. You can purchase it online at or at Opening Ceremony.

Images courtesy of Kate Powers and The Lipstick Lobby

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