Premiering exclusively on Milk is the new music video for "4WD," a smoldering track off Dos Global's upcoming EP, 'Pr0gress1ve.'



Models, Cars, & Holland Tunnel in Dos Global's '4WD' Video [Exclusive]

Former collaborator with The TRP—an anonymous musical group, sort of like the Margiela of hip-hop—Michael Tousana, or Dos Global as he’s now known, is an R&B singer-slash-producer to know. And today, we’re premiering the music video for “4WD,” one of the tracks off his upcoming debut EP, Pr0gress1ve, exclusively on Milk. Shot by Ntando Brown, the video features top model Dilone—surely a good sign—and was inspired by Missy Elliott’s “The Rain”—an even better sign, if you ask us.

Get a load of the smoldering video below, and then read on to find out the movies and artists that inspire the Atlanta-bred vocalist/producer most, and what he means when he calls Pr0gress1ve a “designer” album.


What do you think you can achieve as a solo artist that you couldn’t when you were working with the Trp?

As a solo artist, that is when you really find yourself and your sound. It’s more of a no fucks given type of thing. That’s when you grow and develop into who you truly want to be.

The TRP is homies! A truly amazing band, and great friends of mine. I collabed with them on our project Yahuda in 2014. That was always supposed to be a one-off concept album. Now we are all just working on our own visions. I talk to those guys a lot and love them like brothers. We have some good music [and some] great records together; there is more to come in the near future with those guys.

What city or town do you think is making the coolest, most progressive stuff in music right now?

I love what’s happening in my city Atlanta. There’s the classic trap element going on with the biggest superstars in the world, which has lasted forever now, not to mention the artists who are really breaking boundaries like 24hrs and Demo Taped. I just feel like it’s always been a city based in art since the days of Outkast and the Dungeon Family and its fye seeing it come full circle and to the forefront.

Other than that I’m really into grime right now. The London sound is wicked. They have American and West Indian influence in the music and culture, yet it remains uniquely British. The Euro influence is heavy in the production, and the sounds come together in the right way. I’m so inspired I’m making some American-Atlanta grime right now if there is even such a thing. [Laughs]

What can we expect from Pr0gress1ve—and why is it spelled this way? 

It’s the first EP. I wanted to in some way let people know this is project 01. Its music that is groundbreaking, fun, and ultimately what I believe to be “pr0gress1ve.”

What can you always turn to for inspiration?

Really strong visuals that tell a story [and] Sci-Fi movies that open the possibility for new technology and predict the future of our culture. The Fifth Element goes super hard. The costumes were crazy in that too. Looks like some runway shit you’d see nowadays.

“The way Rick Owens, Rei Kawakubo, or Raf Simons have their aesthetic—that’s how I feel with this music. ‘Pr0gress1ve’ is a designer EP.”

Are you into fashion at all? If so, which brands are you into? And how does it play into your work (if it does at all)? 

Fashion and aesthetic really fuel my music right now. I really fuck with Gosha [Rubchinskiy]; he’s an all-around creative. He represents skate culture, his people, and he does some really great photography. I feel like that’s what I’m inspired by—those those artists who go deeper than one craft and dominate multiple mediums.

The way Rick Owens, Rei Kawakubo, or Raf Simons have their aesthetic—that’s how I feel with this music. Pr0gress1ve is a designer EP, it’s pushing my musical aesthetic. It’s my first collection of music as Dos Global.

What was it like shooting the video for “4WD”? Can you talk about the concept behind it and how it speaks to the song? 

The song is about doing what you need to do to make something out of nothing. Going days without sleep on long excursions. Real Alchemist shit, turning whatever into gold.

About the video, it was at 3am driving around NYC and through the Holland tunnel to Jersey with the homies. It’s like we were bumping tunes loud as fuck, talking, dancing, and vibing and just happened to be shooting a music video. We just wanted to have fun and do something organic, I feel like that came out in what we shot.

How did you get Dilone to star in your video? What was it like working with her? 

Mutual friends, the videographer N’tando Brown made that happen. She was super chill and had a great energy, which made everything so effortless and fun.

I read that the video for “GOLS” was inspired by a scene in The Matrix, and I know “4WD” is inspired by Missy Eliot’s video for “The Rain.” In general, you seem to get more creative with your videos than most other musicians today. What movies have inspired you most, and what’s your dream music video to shoot? 

Belly is my favorite movie of all time. Anything Wes Anderson, The Matrix series, The Fifth Element, Paid in FullStar Wars. I’m generally attracted to movies that deal with adventure, hustle, and some action. My dream music video shoot would honestly be a movie. There are too many ideas to name, but there will be foreign cars and a variety of explosions.

And lastly, who’s someone you’d die to collaborate with?f

I’d say Wes Anderson, Spike Jonze, or Hype Williams. I really want to create more visuals and challenge the idea of what media today should look like. I want to eventually make visual projects and even get into movies frfr.

As far as music, I’d love to get in the studio with Timbaland, M.I.A., or ‘Ye.


Photos by Savanna Ruedy.

Video Director: Nostalgic Nomad

Video Editor: Theo Williams

Video DP: Garth Von Glehn

Stay tuned to Milk for more musicians to look out for.

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