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Next-Gen 2020: Charlie Plummer

Every January, announces the 10 people we believe will have the greatest impact on the art/music/fashion/activism spheres in that year.

Actor Charlie Plummer made his feature film debut in 2012. Five years later, Plummer took home the award for best emerging actor at the 74th Venice Film Festival for his lead role in A24’s Lean on Pete. Since then, having worked with film veterans like Ridley Scott and writer John Green, Plummer proves he is one to watch in 2020. The 20-year-old actor, son of theatre parents, grew up in Upstate New York and cited Mark Rylance’s performance in Jerusalem as his reason for pursuing acting. Following his role as Miles in the Hulu series Looking For Alaska this past October, Plummer quickly tapped into a mainstream fanbase and garnered instant popularity. Plummer has two more films coming out this year, and we can only expect an exceedingly exciting future for the rising star.

What’s your 2020 vision? What do you hope to accomplish?

My vision for 2020 is one full of immense personal growth and rich, new memories with the people I love most. If I can accomplish that then I’m happy.

Why do you do what you do?

One of the many reasons I love to do what I do do is to form heart to heart connections with people from all walks of life. But also getting to play dress-up never gets old. 

How did you get into acting?

My parents are both in the theatre world so I was always exposed to it. When I saw Mark Rylance in Jerusalem I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. If I couldn’t act I would garden 

From Lean on Pete, to Share, and now Looking for Alaska– how did you prepare to play Charley, Dylan, and Miles? How did the process differ from project to project?

With Lean On Pete, I was fortunate enough to spend about a month with Starsky who played Pete. Then for Share, I was in the midst of doing a ton of press so my prep time was just dedicated to having as many conversations with Pippa and the rest of the cast as I could. And for Alaska, I simply just read the novel and slowly filled a notebook every day for about three months. I also got the opportunity to visit the actual school John Green attended when he was in High School. With each project I tried my best to ease into the character and story as much as possible beforehand, attempting to gain a genuine and grounded sense of direction with both.

Can you tell us anything about Words on Bathroom Walls or Spontaneous?

Both are wildly different and mean a whole lot to me. I hope everyone will get to see them real soon!

How does living in New York and growing up in the state affect your work?

I’m so fortunate to have my family based upstate as I can always escape into a bundle of nature, love, and bulldogs whenever I need to:)

What has been your favorite project you’ve worked on?

Looking for Alaska or Lean on Pete. 

Who is your dream character to play?

The Joker or any Star Wars character, preferably a villain.

Highlight of your year?

Too many to choose from, but Looking for Alaska is certainly up there.

Could you sum up your year in one word?



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