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Next-Gen 2020: Sedona Legge

Every January, announces the 10 people we believe will have the greatest impact on the art/music/fashion/activism spheres in that year.

Up Next is model, actress, and jewelry designer Sedona Legge. After being in numerous Gucci campaigns and walking the runway for brands like Miu Miu and Rodarte, Legge has taken the creating into her own hands. The multifaceted artist released her very own jewelry line, Chained by Sedona in December 2019, which came with stunning approval from Gucci creative director, Alessandro Michele. From her first role in the feature film The Shallows alongside Blake Lively to tearing up the runway for some of the most notable names in fashion, Sedona Legge is one to watch in 2020.

What is your 2020 vision? What are you excited about?

Well, I’m extremely excited to launch my brand Chained By Sedona, and just get it out there in the world. I also hope to see my pieces at the Met Gala this coming year and I really want to show my creativity through my art designs. I also want to keep up my acting and modeling, and hopefully land a TV role in a dramatic series.  I would also love to explore some other great modeling opportunities. Hopefully the cover of Vogue Italia someday, hopefully.

I feel like it’s very important to set specific goals because it’s good to always have that pressure. I go through a list every night of what I’m grateful for, so I know what I have, and then a list of things that I know will happen. You have to manifest it.  That is part of the process. 

Tell us about where you’re from and why you’re in LA?

Well, I’m from Carlsbad and I grew up in a little beach town. You wouldn’t guess it by looking at me because I kind of look like a very pale alien. When I was 10 we moved to Australia for seven years of my teen-hood, I’m both Australian and American. I was able to develop my acting skills in Australia at a performing arts college, and I landed a sony film called The Shallows in which I played Blake Lively’s little sister, Chloe. At the same time, I was signed to a worldwide modeling contract.  My family moved to LA for the movie premiere and so that I could pursue acting and modeling. I was incredibly fortunate that my career kind of just began from that point

That’s amazing. And you’re 20?

Yes, I’m 20.

Why do you do what you do?

Because it genuinely makes me happy, and it gives me an outlet to share my creativity. I think that you should love whatever you’re doing and I really truly love designing, acting and modeling. I get to be a different person every day.  When I make my designs I get to make people smile, it’s a really good feeling. When you take a picture that is interesting and captivating, it also conveys to people those emotions. It’s the same with film/television acting, it can make people feel angry, sad, happy, you know, an array of different emotions. I just really love what I do.

I’m so grateful that I’ve had the opportunities that I’ve had. I was able to do a Gucci campaign where I was painted green and made into this alien-kind-of showgirl sort of thing. It was crazy.

You are a Gucci girl. So tell us about that experience.

Well, I’ve been working with them for about three years. It has been one of the most magical experiences I’ve ever had. Alessandro Michele is just so humble, and he’s so sweet and kind and immensely talented. The entire Gucci team is wonderful to work with.  Every day with them is different, you just don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s something crazy and new every day. I’ve had the opportunity to sing, dance, act, which is really everything you could hope for.

You’ve had so many different roles in this creative world from acting and modeling to jewelry design, how would you say that they’re related? How do these different crafts impact each other?  

Well, I think they are related in such a way that they’re all very creative and you get a final product that’s very polished and interesting. I feel like there’s a lot of the same people in all those worlds too, so they blend together well.  For my designs, I can talk to designers and stylists that I’ve worked with and gain valuable insights. From modeling, I can get advice from creatives that I’ve worked with, so they kind of go hand in hand. Modeling and acting kind of go hand in hand as well, because you have to act and conjure up emotions in the photos that are being taken. Sometimes I have to do a shoot and show anger, or sometimes I have to do a shoot where I’m super happy. So you have to be able to call up these emotions, otherwise, the pictures aren’t going to turn out as good. Modeling has helped my acting in the sense that I’ve learned my angels and I’m a bit more graceful so that always helps. Each craft helps the other craft. 

What’s the best advice that you’ve received from someone in that community? And what is the advice that you would give to someone who looks up to you?

The best advice that someone has given me in the industry is probably to just keep going. If you have something good, just keep rolling with it, you’re going to have bumps in the road, but as long as you just keep doing what you’re doing and believe in yourself, you’ll get there in the end. That’s what someone told me from Tom Ford’s team.

My advice for someone who looks up to me would be not to compromise who you are to make other people happy. Don’t try to appeal to everyone because you’re never going to please everyone. Just do you, the best way you can.  Keep the essence of who you are. At the end of the day, that’s all any of us can do.  

What’s your highlight of the year?

I was wearing one of my crazier pieces during rehearsal for this last Gucci Spring-Summer show. I thought to myself, okay, gotta be brave, I’ve got to wear it in front of Alessandro. So, I got on the runway and I walked, and my pieces sparkled in the light. After I was finished with the rehearsal, Alessandro approached me and said, “Sedona, what are you wearing?” And I said “Oh, I made this!” and he said, “Oh my god this is beautiful, it glistened on the runway, I love it. You’re so talented. I love it. I love you.”  So that made me pretty happy, I’m not going to lie. When one of the best designers in the world tells you he likes your work, it’s a pretty big honor, and I was very grateful for his encouraging words.

 Do you want to talk a bit about your jewelry? How it began, and what your process is like?

I’ve been around designers for a little over four years. I never really thought I could design until I started working for Tom Ford and his team. They were creating designs on me because I was their mood model for a collection. This was a new experience for me. They would create their pieces on me and I would see that it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to make changes and alterations. That’s what I was scared of, I was scared of messing up, I wanted everything to be perfect, but it’s a process. Just seeing how they could make something so beautiful out of nothing, really inspired me to try and create. The week after I started working with Tom Ford, I got in my car and I drove to the L.A. fashion district. I just looked for materials that inspired me, and I started creating body jewelry. 

So when you sit down to make these pieces, do you already have the vision in your head? Is there an emotion that you’re trying to get across? Do you envision what it would look like with other clothing? How does it come about?

A lot of the time, I just draw them in my head and I know what I want. Sometimes I’ll just start working with chain and create it on me, and I’ll be like, Oh, that looks cool. Now I should add that to the design. Sometimes I’ll draw it out, but it’s typically just in my brain and I need to work out how to do it on myself or on a manikin. Sometimes it doesn’t work, sometimes it does, but you know, it’s my process. They can be worn as an accessory to an outfit to jazz an outfit up, or they can make an outfit.  They’re quite crazy, so they have a lot of creative freedom to go with them. My dream is to have the person wearing them feel special.

Is there a favorite material that you like to work with?

 Chrome chain and glass beads. I love a really good quality chrome chain.

Could you sum up your year in one word?






PRODUCERS: Ella Jayes and Merilyn Chang

HMU: Mayra Godoy 

MUSIC: Midnight Tracks

SELF-STYLED: Sedona Legge


Special thanks to Vex,  Lisa Hoan, and Chained By Sedona

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