Premiere: Booka Shade's Techno Megamix for Milk

Berlin-based duo Booka Shade, consisting of Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier, have created a techno niche uniquely their own. In 2002, Booka Shade formed the now legendary dance label Get Physical Music – together with M.A.N.D.Y., Thomas ‘DJ T.’ Koch and Peter Hayo – that served as a defining moment in their history as an act and within the electronic music arena. Booka Shade’s innovative live show granted them the accolade of being listed as Resident Advisor’s Top 5 live acts in the world.

Twenty years, dozens of EPs, and six albums later, Booka Shade continue to showcase their unique ability to redefine the “rules” of techno while creating a classic sound signature to their productions. The duo gives Milk 60 seconds of their rapt attention and 60 minutes of a bangin’ techno mix just for us.

In what ways has electronic music over time helped –and helps- you to evolve as an artist?

We´re musicians. Theoretically, we could go on stage with an acoustic guitar or piano and acoustic drums, but ever since we were kids and fell in love with early ‘80s new wave music and their synthesizers, including of course Kraftwerk; and the latest since the English “summer of love” in the early ‘90s put a big smile on our faces, music without electronic elements is unthinkable for us. We love to create soundscapes and to explore sounds no one has heard before. There´s so much still to hear.

If this mix were a mood, what would it be?

We like the ‘I´m getting ready to go out and I´m going to have a great time tonight’ mood.

What do you admire about each other separately as artists – Walter to Arno and vice versa?

Arno: Walter is an incredibly versatile and enthusiastic producer and songwriter. Still after 30 years, I’m surprised where he takes all the ideas from.

Walter: Arno is an amazing drummer – the best musical partner I could imagine with great musical ideas and most importantly we have the same kind of humor. This is essential on a long, exhausting tour.


Check out Booka Shade’s website here

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