Savanah Hudson Talks The Heirs, Stevie Nicks, & Hollywood Blvd

At just 18 years old, Savanah Hudson’s band, The Heirs, has already begun dominating the music scene. A music fanatic since she could utter her first words, Savannah has proven herself a creative since day one. Her unique sound, style, and multiple Hollywood billboards are just a few of the things that set her apart from the rest. For Hudson, music is an art form, and we’re stoked to witness this rising music maven perfect her craft.

What is your earliest memory with music?

Music has always been my whole world. As soon as I could speak, I was singing. When I was around six years old I started looking online and searching for talent competitions just so I could get up on a stage and sing. That was a weekly thing. I would say my earliest memory would be dragging my mom to those events and telling her to get a good seat while I dressed myself and practiced songs backstage with all the older girls. My favorite early memory would probably be when my brother and I discovered songwriting. I was around nine and he was 11, we grabbed a notebook and a guitar and ran into my grandmas bathroom and sat in the shower in our school clothes. That was the first time we ever really sang together. I remember feeling so cool after finishing our first song I went to school the next day like, “hey.. check it out..see these words in this note book? yeah, wrote em”.

Have you always considered music an art form?

Oh, of course! Music has always been more than just a momentary art fad, it’s a universal language that brings everyone together. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s so true. I realized that more than ever recently, attending and playing music festivals! There are people of all ages, races, genders just enjoying music and loving it as one! It’s quite beautiful. Especially having the opportunity to write music that is relatable, write something that people may feel something to. That’s special.

You are in a band The Heirs, can you tell me a little bit about that?

Yes! My whole world is this band! There are five of us. Brandon (singer and guitar player, also my brother), Eian (bass and keys), Alex (lead guitar and synths), Brennan (drums), and me (singer). Brandon and I have been a music project for a very long time, writing for other artists and trying to create our own sound. As we got older and met our other three band mates we formed The Heirs and found our sound! It’s a good mix of Indie, electronic laptop pop and we have been working and recording and traveling a ton. We actually just released our first single titled “Suburban Wonderland” along with a music video to go with it back in July.

Currently, we are about to release our debut EP! we are all ecstatic about this considering we have been working to create something that we think is beautiful, dancy, relatable, angsty. To follow the release, we plan to play a few shows locally in LA and then tour.

Who has been your biggest inspiration that you know personally?

Ahhh so many people inspire me daily, this is a hard one. Well, my band mates inspire me to be a better musician, performer and friend. My family inspires me to work hard and be loving, my brother inspires me to be a better writer and badass bitch. I also have little sisters that are 9-year-old twins and honestly they inspire me incredibly. They are so smart, they love good music and art and have taught me to not take myself so seriously. I am absolutely in love with them. I surround myself with a wonderful group of girl friends as well and I think that has a huge impact on my life. Being surrounded by women that lift you up and support you is something every woman needs. I’m very lucky to have rad people in my life.

Stevie Nicks, first and foremost, she is the reason I started writing music.

Who has been your biggest inspiration that you don’t know personally?

I’m inspired by so many artists, I try and take a little bit from each of them and mix them all together so i’m a little cosmopolitan baby. Stevie Nicks, first and foremost, she is the reason I started writing music. As a kid, I walked around the house in my mom’s most gypsy looking cape for two weeks so I could try and “become her”. She’s wonderful and such a big vocal and lyrical inspiration for me. I love Debbie Harry as well, she’s such a badass front woman and a huge style inspiration for me. I also love Patti Smith, I’ve read all of her books (so good highly recommend). David Bowie , Prince, The Rolling Stones. The list goes on and on.

How did you come up with the band name the Heirs?

We had the hardest time choosing a name, we went back and forth on a bunch of different names for weeks. We are huge fans of The Smiths and we were listening to “How Soon Is Now”. There is the lyric, “I am the son and the heir to nothing in particular,” and for some reason that stuck out to us as something really special. We feel as if we are all stuck in this fishbowl together, we inherit nothing and everything every day and youth culture thrives off of creating new and exiting the norm, and that’s what we are all about. We also thought it would be a great name because we wanted a community, no barrier or wall between us and you.

How has it been working with your brother?

It’s wonderful. We write all the music together and are constantly pushing each other to be the best humans and musicians that we possibly can be. We are just great friends, we have the same music taste, the same end all goals, the same ideas and we just work well together!

How has it been being in a band at a time when so much visibility comes from the internet?

The internet is such a huge part of our society and our business, it’s nearly impossible to be an artist and not have all the social medias. I’ve sort of grown up with it so i’m fairly used to using it. I mostly use it to talk with fans and friends across the world and promote new music and shows and all that fun stuff. As a band we are huge music lovers and listeners, so Spotify has been a big part of our music discovery. New playlists are constantly being curated, new and amazing artists are constantly releasing new stuff. So as far as musically, social media is overflowing with new and amazing artists and I am eating it up! As far as being a human and seeing what the internet has done to younger teenagers and this generation, I don’t condone being on your phone 24/7. Live your life, get your head out of your phone and do something crazy.

Can you give me a peek into your creative process?

The writing process is one of my favorite processes ever. It’s different every time. Something new always surprises me and then a new creation comes about. Los Angeles’ atmosphere and the people there are so captivating to me. it’s almost impossible for me to not want to write all the time being local. Sometimes we are at home and wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes we are out dancing. No songs writing process ever feels the same and that’s why I feel it’s so hard to get sick of it.

In this industry it’s easy to be similar to other artists. How do you differentiate yourself style wise and aesthetic wise?

Being different and unique, especially as an artist, is so important to me. I feel as if it adds so much to the big picture when you feel like a badass and look like one too. The main thought that I always try and think about, is not to be afraid of being eclectic and weird. If you wanna wear weird shit, wear it! Being authentic is key and of course I am still figuring it out but I love 70’s glam and babydoll dresses, crazy eye makeup, faux fur coats, leather, funky boots and I love vintage band shirts. We only have one life! Might as well wear whatever the heck we want! Aesthetic is also a huge everyday inspiration towards my visual creativity. I use our tumblr as a base hub essentially and make new things from seeing other things that exist within it. Photos, film, video, music, art, culture.

Being different and unique, especially as an artist, is so important to me.

What are you musical plans for the near future?

Well, we just finished writing our Debut EP and are planning on releasing it this winter as a follow up to our single “Suburban Wonderland”. From there we will be doing a few shows locally in LA and then a tour to follow, so if we are in your city, come hang out!

Lastly, you have a billboard on Hollywood Blvd—how does it feel?!

It’s an absolute dream. I grew up in LA so having three billboards in the middle of Hollywood is something I am still so astonished by. We have done a few surprise meet ups there with some LA fans and friends just to hang. we almost got kicked off of the street because there were like 100 people crowded around the billboards and we were all loitering and taking photos. It’s unreal i am so grateful and humbled by it. Bottom line is, if you ever want a spontaneous  hang … come to the billboard and i’ll most likely be around until they kick me off the street.

Stay tuned to Milk for more rising stars.

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