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Staying CoZ With Coi Leray

It’s been a little over a year since Boston-born, Jersey-raised rapper Coi Leray took a leap into the rap industry. Since her 2018 hit “G.A.N. (Goofy Ass N***az)”, she’s dropped two albums: Everything CoZ and Everything CoZ 2. Recently, she released two singles, “Good Day” and “Tricks”, signed a deal with Republic Records, performed at Rolling Loud, and toured with Trippie Redd. Leray tackles a variety of different emotions in her music, whether it be slick talking, celebrating her achievements, or showing off her strength. The rapper brings a lot of different vibes to the party. We met up with her in Jersey and set out to see how she stays CoZ, what it’s like to spend a day in the life of Coi Leray.

How do your mornings usually go? What’s a morning must for you?

Imma be honest, the first thing I do when I wake up is turn over and look at my goddamn phone. I’m pretty sure like everybody does. Then I brush my teeth you know do my morning shit. I don’t know as far as what I have to have in the morning it depends, ‘cause sometimes I don’t even wake up in the morning, I wake up at 12’ o’clock in the afternoon.

What are your days usually like?  Has it been hard to adjust to the industry?
No it’s still early, it’s still new. I mean I got my team, you know. I got my team with me and as long as I got them then I’m good. I don’t care about nothing else. I’m adapting and moving around.

Where are you originally from? Where have you been? Has where you came from  influenced you as a person and how has it translated to your music?

That was a lot of shit. I was born in Boston. I moved to Jersey when I was like six. I was kinda raised in Jersey. All my family is in Boston. Nothing’s in Jersey, literally nothing. Jersey is deadzone, it’s boring. It’s not like New York City, even though we’re so close. So it’s just like I don’t know. I just always had music in me and I hated working you know. I just found my passion and did it.

Do you think things would’ve been different if you grew up in Boston?

Definitely, it was less fortunate in Boston.


You dropped Everything CoZ 2 this year and it’s been about a year since Everything CoZ. Recently you dropped the single “Good Day” and it’s gotten great feedback but it’s a lot different than a lot of the songs on your previous projects. Tell us a little something about that.

Hell yeah, I’m very versatile. I like to make different kinds of music, I won’t even call it different. I like to make music based on how I am feeling and based on the melody or beat or the vibe.

That being said, who are some of your influences?

Some of my influences…. Well, you know, I grew up around – you know Kidz Bop? Yeah, so Kidz Bop had like a hundred different varieties on one tape. So you’ll go from listening to Outkast to Justin Timberlake to Paramore like quick. And I don’t know, I was just growing up on shit like that and then as I got older, I’m a 90s baby so Chris Brown, Jojo, B5, shit like that.

I can see that in your music. I’m a huge punk rock fan and you definitely have a visible influence from growing up on that music.  

I did a lot of transitioning in different schools so I was around a lot of different people and different personalities.

Everyone says hip hop isn’t what it used to be, rappers have some negative labels now whether it’s mumble rappers or Soundcloud artists. What do you think about the direction of hip hop?

I’m all about the culture at the end of the day. It’s about the culture inside of hip hop. Everything else as far as like the competition and how people feel and based on their opinions I just stay out of it and mind my business. As long as you know hip hop brings a lot of people together. That’s what I see.

You had your tour with Trippie this year, how was that?

It was lit, everything happened so fast. I didn’t expect to go on a 30-day tour. It was rough, based off you know they always say your first tour is always going to be rough. It was just me and my team so there was like a lot of learning and shit. But I loved the energy from the crowd and I learned a lot from Trippie. Him being on stage for hours and smoking a blunt for hours I was just like what the fuck. I picked that up, I was like, “I gotta go crazy.” It was lit.

What was your reaction to hearing about the tour, how was it hearing the news?

I was like, “What the fuck?!” They said, “You’re going on tour with Trippie.” I said, “What?!” They hit me outta nowhere it was random as fuck. So I said, “Bet, when do we start.” It’s lit I can’t wait.

You had that one song with Trippie on the album, can fans expect more songs with him?

Yeah, I got a couple in the cut you know.

Any new projects in the pipeline?

I’m working on new music right now, I got a lot of new music coming. I just dropped Good Day and dropped Tricks so you know. I got a lot of visuals coming from EC1 to EC2.

What’s the new project going to be like?

Ah!!! I’m like don’t ask me these questions right now. Yo it’s so crazy you’re asking these ‘cause I’m still trying to figure it all out. But the new project is going to be fucking dope though. I have dope ass crazy features not like too many, I’m not about to go ahead and have a bunch of them but like two. Other than that though, it’s going to be crazy like I don’t even know what the fuck to expect everything’s still new.


How do you apply “everything CoZ” and “no letting up” to your life?

Alright so, “everything CoZ” means self-acceptance everyone knows how it feels to be uncomfortable so everything has to be CoZ. “No letting up” is just applying pressure you know. A lot of the numbers I’ve done and a lot of the shit I’ve done, no other female or anybody else has hit my shit in the amount of this time. It’s still early and fresh so that’s just no letting up, applying pressure.

How do you stay CoZ?

I stay CoZ by… you just gotta be yourself and surround yourself with positive and great energy. Stay level headed and make sure the people around you is leveled headed. You don’t want anybody to fall off.

It must be stressful right now being an artist that’s coming up. What do you do to de-stress yourself?

I paint. I like to paint.

What kind of stuff do you like to paint?

I like to paint whatever is on my mind. I love to paint honestly, I’m very crafty and artsy. I like to build, I’ve always wanted to like… science was my favorite when we would make the light bulb turn on based off the wires that we’d connect to a battery or some shit like that. I don’t know, I’ve always wanted to make a robot move from scratch.

Stay tuned for more women in hip hop.

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