Artists and muses Richie Shazam and Seashell Coker, shot by Milk fave Maya Fuhr in an editorial showcasing new brand Músed.



'Summer Regalia,' An Editorial Featuring Your Faves From Instagram

Lindsay Jones, the woman behind the new brand Músed, has been a designer for years (she used to run a brand called Outlaws of the Border), has shown in prominent galleries, and was even featured in a Playboy spread that called her a true muse. Thus, she knows a thing or two about moving fluidly between muse and artist. So while summer in the city may seem anything but fluid, Jones, whose design work has been praised by Japanese Vogue as having “brilliantly blended Victorian elegance with Goth,” enlisted emerging models Richie Shazam and Seashell Coker, as well as portrait photographer and regular Milk contributor Maya Fuhr, to create a surreal adventure in New York’s hidden byways and majestic alleys.

Shazam is, forgive us the expression, a New York It Boy of sorts, an artist whose magnetism translates across several mediums, including modeling, styling, and curation—he recently put together one of our favorite recent shows, Julia Fox’s PTSD. Coker (also known as @sleepy.angel) has been making waves in the modeling world for a minute now. She’s been a standout in shows like Gypsy Sport, and was recently featured in the NON x Red Bull campaign, shot by Milk fave Christine Hahn. A Milk staff member also attests that Coker recently tore up the dance floor at a friend’s wedding. The girl has charisma.

Eschewing the clichés of summer in New York, through this shoot, with models that were discovered on Instagram, Jones and Fuhr created a reality that’s as accessible as it is regal, inviting you to find the resplendent in everyday life—and to always dress for the occasion.

(L) Richie Shazam, artist, curator, model, and burgeoning fashion icon. (R) Seashell Coker, a rising modeling star.

Let’s talk about your surreal adventure.

Seashell Coker: Taking an adventure in New York requires you to explore a street you’ve never set your eyes or feet upon. My favorite places to go are Chinese bakeries that sell pork BBQ buns. I like finding cheap food.

What is your favorite summer activity?

SC: Falling asleep in the park with my friends after we eat icees.

What’s a typical day like for you?

Richie Shazam: I have a spontaneous routine. I wake up and have a lot of things to do, like connecting with people and being the middleman for a lot of people. I help people bring their ideas to fruition, and in New York (where I was born and raised) there are always endless things to do. I’ve recently curated a show in Los Angeles, and the energy there has been amazing.

(L) Seashell is down for NYC adventures, especially when they involve cheap Chinese food. (R) Richie really pulls off the pink.

What was it like being shot by Maya? She’s known for her intimate portraits and offbeat eye.

SC: Really fun, because Maya is creative and down-to-earth. She didn’t stress [during the shoot.]

RS: We’ve known each other from afar so it was great to work under her lens. She’s a strong female force. At the same time she’s so casual.

How did you feel when you were wearing your Músed outfits?

RS: Confident and otherworldly. Músed is made with distinction. [Lindsay Jones] has an eye for fashion that’s genderless and exploratory. In her clothes, I feel like I’m taking the day by storm. I’ve comfortable with my form, and her clothes showcase that.

SC: I felt sophisticated because I was wearing fur and silk. I almost felt like an adult.

Both Richie and Seashell feel sophisticated and powerful when rocking Músed.

Your Instagram feeds have gotten you noticed in the fashion world. What’s the secret to having an appealing feed?

SC: The secret to having a good social feed is to be real. I don’t know how people see me based on my social media, and its something that’s never really crossed my mind. I don’t know what my appeal is. I was just born like this, and it’s no secret.

What’s one piece of clothing that makes you feel regal?

RS: I’ve been acquiring clothes like vintage t-shirts, so I’m into pieces that have been passed down. There’s a vibrancy of a different time in vintage that makes me feel like I’m part of a legacy.

taking the art of art very seriously

A photo posted by Músed (@_mused_) on

What does regal mean to you?

SC: You’ve got to be able to boogie and be almost untouchable, but you still treat everyone nicely.

Describe your signature look.

SC: Betty Boop with a gap tooth.

Richie, recently you’ve been curating art shows. What’s that like, and what can people expect from you on this front?

RS: It’s been a new force field, a new calling  by putting things together I can explore themes that aren’t fully realized. I was able to garner a psychological response and experience something they haven’t experienced before. I was so happy to work with Julia Fox on PTSD. We brought the show from New York to Los Angeles. I’m excited to be part of the growing art scene in Los Angeles. It’s new and fresh. And I want to see what’s happening in Spain, Berlin, and London.

What are you most excited to wear this summer?

SC: I’m most excited to not wear a jacket.

All photos shot by Maya Fuhr

Styling by Lindsay Jones

All wardrobe by Músed

Stay tuned to Milk for more artists and muses.


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