Superfeel Is The Electro-Pop Duo We've Been Waiting For

Introducing #MilkLoves: the definitive Milk roster of ones to watch in 2018. Follow along as we reveal our top 10 favorites to slay this year in activism, artistry, and more.

We’re 10 days into 2018, and that can only mean one thing for #MilkLoves: our last and final superlative is here. You already know Superfeel from the two songs we’ve premiered with the pair (that’s “I Like” and “Rewind” for the uninitiated) and now we’re crowning them with a moniker for 2018: “Most Likely to Exceed Expectations”. In 2017, the duo did just that: rising from one success after another, and juggling day jobs in design and coding while they were at it, Superfeel wasn’t messing around.

And who’s to say that 2018 will be any different? Let’s hope it’s more of the same (the same level of increased success and the same brand of risk-taking obsession-inducing music, that is). You won’t find a duo more clever or more multi-faceted than these two, so we’re placing our bets: Superfeel is one to watch.

Additional credits: 

Stylist: Sam Weir

Hair Stylist: Takuya Sugawara

Makeup Artist: Juliet Jane

Stay tuned to Milk for more from the #MilkLoves series.

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