Jeremy Scott is set to bring Moschino to LA next week at MADE LA. We sat down for a chat covering Barbies, emojis, and more.



Talking To Jeremy Scott, The Nicest Of Fashion's Cool Kids

Last night, I found myself at a lovely party for the Daily Front Row. There was an open bar (bless), and it was full of pretty, well put-together people, kind of like if a Drybar exploded. But this fashion event, while not dissimilar to other industry cocktail parties, was centered around a singular, entirely unique designer: Milk fave Jeremy Scott. The man couldn’t be missed. He rolled up to the party in a crisp, punk short suit, delightfully palling around with everyone from Paris Hilton to Ashley Smith. Scott had the biggest smile in the room—or in any room, really.

The designer was there to celebrate the most recent Daily issue, which featured a cover shoot starring New Zealand supermodel Stella Maxwell, styled by Scott in both his namesake collection and Moschino (he’s served as the playful Italian line’s Creative Director since October 2013). He and Maxwell are close friends—apparently they, like most hot people, do SoulCycle together.

Jeremy Scott and model Stella Maxwell celebrating their collaboration for the Daily Front Row.

But we were surprised to hear that Scott was in town at all, considering what he has cooking. Next Friday, June 10th, Moschino will be showing its men’s Spring/Summer and women’s resort 2017 collections in a massive show at MADE LA, MADE’s massive West Coast fashion event (Hood by Air and Tyler the Creator’s Golf Wang line will also be holding runway shows, alongside a bazaar-like setup, “The Stores,” featuring merch from designers like 69 and Rochambeau). For the show, Moschino will be leaving its usual post in London to show on the West Coast, and Scott, a longtime LA resident, couldn’t seem happier to be showing his collection just a drive away from his own bed.

Much like his bright, poppy clothing, Jeremy Scott is friendly and joyful. He was like a whirling dervish, running to greet various VIPs, but speaking to every person with the same degree of warmth, like a very consistent Mercury thermometer. He laughs easily, and has the sort of patience for people that one might not expect from someone as busy as he is. At one point during our interview, he greeted designer Adam Selman and stylist Mel Ottenberg, and Ottenberg compared Scott’s insane work schedule to the train station in Times Square; in essence, Scott is a hub in and of himself.

We chatted outside the party—taking a brief break so he could get a photo with Hilton—about Barbies, the new Moschino collection, and the importance of emojis.

Stella Maxwell shot by Giampaolo Sgura and styled by Jeremy Scott for ‘The Daily Summer,’ the summer edition of the ‘Daily Front Frow.’

We at Milk are super excited about MADE LA. I read that you were so excited to do a fashion show where you can sleep in your own bed.

[Laughs] Does that make me sound lazy or spoiled?

No! All that flying to Europe—you must be tired.

It’s a little bit much after a while. I thought, I’ve never had this opportunity where I could literally go home, go to bed, do my SoulCycle, do my things I want to do, and still do my fittings, still do the show, do everything, so I feel very blessed. Hashtag blessed.

Everything I’m reading about MADE LA is saying that LA is a new fashion capital, but I’m from California and I always thought of LA as an important fashion city. So what do you think about LA style, and how it relates to the fashion world in general?

I feel like it’s been pushing and motivating a lot of what is going on in fashion. And also, if you think about pure celebrity in general, that is so much of what creates a buzz for people. [Red carpet fashion] makes people think about what they want to wear, because they’re like, “Oh, she wore it, so I can wear it.”


A photo posted by Jeremy Scott (@itsjeremyscott) on

[Scott returns from taking a photo with Paris Hilton] So, how’s Paris?

I love her. She’s my number one forever and always. We were reminiscing [about] when we first met and I just love her. She’s adorable, she’s such a good person, she’s a sweetheart, and [I love] her love of animals. Plus, I was like, when’s the new music coming out? And I found out in a month, so that’s good!

I’m the biggest Paris Hilton music fan on the face of the earth! This makes me very happy. Paris Hilton is my personal, ultimate LA style icon. What about you? Who comes to mind when you think of LA style?

I actually think of someone completely different: [1960s model and actress] Peggy Moffitt. I go old school in my thought of it, because I was always so mesmerized by her relationship with [fashion designer Rudi Gernreich], and the whole model muse inspiration. The other [style icon] is Barbie. Paris epitomizes Barbie as well.

You did a Barbie collection, and there have been so many changes to Barbie since you did that show. Have you seen the new diverse Barbies?

I was there for the launch of it. My very good friend created the bodies for Barbie, and I came to support her for that launch in LA. I was so happy because, you know what? So many little girls were like, ‘Oh this one kinda looks like me,’ or, ‘This one looks like my friend,’ and I think that’s great they can bring more people into this playtime. I don’t think there was anything ever wrong with Barbie per se, but I think it’s great that other people can feel included as well.

(L) New, diverse Barbies. (R) Looks from Moschino’s Barbie Collection.

You always have very specific themes for your collections. I’m sure it’s a secret, but are there any hints you can give me about the next one?

It’s a lot of prints. It’s very, very eclectic. I’m doing a lot of embroideries that I’ve never done before. I don’t want to give away too much, but it’s very fun, fun, fun. It’s a fun fun fun collection.

On a random note, I’m really obsessed with the #TBT hairstyle you just posted on Instagram.

Honestly, when I was posting, I was like, why aren’t I wearing that again? Get that lil’ gel out and go get it set at the salon. Never can tell.

I’m always very impressed by your emoji use on social media. Do you have a favorite emoji?

The one that represents me the most is the lil’ angel. I feel like that’s kinda like me. Praying emoji hands is another favorite.

Well, you know it is a high five right?

I don’t consider it a high five.

I don’t either.

For a long time, I didn’t update my system because I wanted to keep the glowing parts. But I finally gave in because I had to get a new phone. And it was like, fuck. But I love the old one. I need to figure out how to get that system, like, rigged so I can have that one.

It’s tattooed on Drake’s body. It should be on a phone.

Now that’s a quote for the gods.

Moschino Fall/Winter ’16, irreverently designed by Jeremy Scott.

To finish up, how do you feel about your documentary, Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer, being released on Netflix?

I am so happy about it being on Netflix. I love people writing and telling me they saw it and that they enjoyed it. It just makes me so happy that’s its able to connect to people. I’m so happy it went to the movie theaters and into theatrical release because it’s a great honor, but I think [Netflix] is actually better [for accessing] more people. It sounds egotistical, but what I think is great is that my story might be a story of the ages, it might be a story that’s been told many times, but it’s a story that we need to still hear.

Not only is it my success story, but it’s a story of being told you’re not good, you’re not worthy, you don’t deserve anything, and overcoming that. You can follow your dreams. You can overcome obstacles—from rejection, to bullying, to any kind of persecution, and to me, that message resonates with people. Whether someone wants to be a fashion designer, or a journalist, or a model, or a banker, or a football player, or an accountant, there’s always going to be someone to tell you that you’re not good enough at any of those things. People are so easily dissuaded from following their dreams. I would love for people to think, “Fuck that, I’m gonna follow my dreams. He did. That kid lived on a farm, and look at him now. Why can’t I do it?”

Images courtesy of The Daily Front Row. Portrait of Jeremy Scott by Andrew Boyle, Moschino backstage shots by Sonny Vandevelde. Additional images via Mattel and Vogue.

Stay tuned to Milk for more from Moschino and Jeremy Scott at MADE LA.

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