Miss Queen Sateen wears an Alex Huang shirt dress, custom bra, Discount Universe underwear, and The Shiny Squirrel earrings. Exquisite wears an Alex Huang shirt, Discount Universe underwear. Both wear Milk Makeup face gloss throughout.



This Is How You Rock Glitter Looks For Pride

Welcome to the world of Miss Queen Sateen and her husband/partner in drag, Exquisite: an extravagant, glitter-filled romp in the belly of New York’s club scene. On any given weekend you can find the pair either performing their infectious and flashy dance pop á la CeCe Peniston, or hosting parties with nightlife legends like Susanne Bartsch. Their impressive number of looks range from to lacy daze to cyberpunk, cowhide glam to Martian chic. For the two, flash is key, and glitter only adds to the shine. To celebrate Pride, we invited them to Milk to show us five glitter-inspired looks.

We asked Sateen and Exquisite to bring all the sparkly stuff they had—and as Exquisite said, “we [needed] a pickup truck to bring all of it.” The pair used a mix of Milk Makeup and glitter (duh) for makeup that ranges from soft, pink lips to black, smoky eyes. They even glued paillettes to their faces for a Pat McGrath-inspired style. Exquisite said the look was right for a diva. “Lock her up,” she said. “Throw away the key.”

After the shoot—and ahead of a party they were hosting with musician and performance artist Luke NeoCamp—we sat down for a chat with Sateen and Exquisite about Pride, their new music, and the practical uses of Martha Stewart-brand glitter.

Sateen wears a custom bra and trousers. Exquisite wears Milk Makeup Lip Color in Gnarly.

Any plans for Pride weekend?

Exquisite: We’re just laying low after all of our hard work. Maybe we’ll get to go out and not drag – just appreciate being a New Yorker and celebrating with everyone else.

Any new music?

Sateen: We’ve been working on a new song. We’re very excited about it. And we’re performing next [Saturday] at C’mon Everybody [in Brooklyn].

Are these looks you’re going to wear out anytime soon?

S: These looks are sort of a best-of of what we’ve already done in the past.

In our past, in our history of going out and doing looks, we always have a glitter eye or a glitter lip. Glitter is such a good way to give your look more of a pop.

E: It’s the easiest way.

S: It’s really great go-to for just making your look more special, more unique.

E: Yeah, and I think people going out, especially for Pride: it’s so easy to put your lipstick on, and literally put your finger in some glitter and put it on your lip. It’s so cute, and it’s fun!


(L) Exquisite wears Alex Huang coat. (R) Sateen wears Alex Huang coat, WXYZ jewelry, Body Binds lingerie, and Milk Makeup Eye Vinyl in Black.

We actually ran out and got some Martha Stewart brand glitter.

E: That’s the kind we use, actually!

Martha Stewart!

E: For a long time. You’ve got your fine glitter, your chunk glitter – she’s great at it!

S: I do want to start using the Makeup Forever glitter, because it seems better for makeup purposes.

E: Yeah, we’ve never used makeup glitter.

S: We’re using arts and crafts glitter—scrapbooking shit on our face. Our faces are scrapbooks, basically.

“We’re using arts and crafts glitter—scrapbooking shit on our face.”

Are you doing anything for Orlando?

S: We actually just worked a benefit for Orlando at TNT the other night, and we raised $3,000. It was just all these Brooklyn queens. It was beautiful.

E: Everyone came – they all performed: all the classics.

S: So many of the performances, we cried.

E: It was really beautiful. Everyone was supporting each other, and it felt so good. I feel like probably everybody has thoughts about how we’re going to proceed from here. I think it’s definitely a turning point for everybody that works in nightlife, all over the country, all over the world. Everybody has to stop and think: how can we not sort of just keep going on and be like, “whatever,” and do something?

S: I think it’s important for people in the queer community for people to stick together. In nightlife, especially, there can be a lot of petty drama and competition. Everyone from the outside looking in, it looks like this united thing, but speaking as someone who knows the inner workings of the community, there’s a lot of negativity. If we just see: “you are my friend, you are my sister. We’re all sisters in this together.” It’s not about stirring the pot: we have to all be in this as one.

(L) Sateen wears The Shiny Squirrel earings. (R) Exquisite wears Alex Huang shirt.

Can you give us a little preview of the new song and video?

S: The video is inspired by early 2000s R&B videos. The set is built in different modular rooms, in all different colors. It’s sort of like the “Say My Name” video – that’s what it’s inspired by.

E: Like the TLC, “No Scrubs” – that weird “where are they, is it a spaceship?”

S: Kind of futuristic, surreal, “what is this space?” We built all these sets. So many looks. I think we did 13 looks. There’s turntables. There’s a sitar player. There’s choreography and lots of amazing hair.

E: It’s going to be an exciting five minutes for everybody to enjoy.

Happy Pride!

Photography by Mitchell McLennan

Creative Direction by Paul Bui

Art Direction by Kathryn Chadason

Styling by Heather Dunphy

Hair and Makeup by Miss Queen Sateen and Exquisite

Makeup courtesy of Milk Makeup

Styling assistants : Diego Lawler and Angel Emmanuel

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