"Unspoken Word": Milk & The Legendary Artist Laolu

Laolu Senbanjo has a magnetism that can’t be explained. His art, consequently, reflects that; expressive and engaging, it pulls the viewer in, shapeshifting to explain itself within the context of your perception. Using a technique he calls Afromysterics, Laolu’s work draws from his Nigerian Yoruba culture, narrating stories through the sacred art of the Ori with an unspoken medium—paint. Now, we’re bringing voice to these previously nonverbal communications of story and history. With conversations between Laolu and his subjects, each video presents a new voice, and is given another layer of definition as a result—the spoken word. Pictured in the slideshow above is Geli Forlefac (@geliforlefac), Georges Chidozie Ekwensi (@chidofauxreal), Anuoluwapo & Oluwatobi Senbanjo (@rachel.anu & @lolaa_anderson), Femi Olagoke (@femi.olagoke), Reign Apiin (@reignglobal), and Deray Mckesson (@iamderay). Watch each of the five videos below.

Femi Olagoke

Femi Olagoke is an actor, most recently appearing in the record-breaking box office hit Black Panther.

Reign Apiim

Reign Apiim is a model, artist, and close friend of Laolu.

Geli Forlefac

Geli Forlefac is a model and close friend of Laolu.

Georges Chidozie Ekwensi

Chico George is a first generation Nigerian-American multidisciplinary creative who’s work centers on Africans and people of African descent.

Anuoluwapo & Oluwatobi Senbanjo

Laolu’s twin interns who coincidentally share his last name.

A project with Laolu

Director of Photography Nick Bean

Director Roberto Max Salas

Producer Tessa Travis

Edited by Oliver Chan & Manuel Alejandro Salas

Color & Finishing Nick Bean

Production Assistant Justin

Graphic Designer Jon Krippahne

Archive Manager Zach Adams

Still images by Eddy Leroy

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