Weekend Recap: Pride

This weekend, New York City went all out for Pride 2K18—from Friday night’s Stonewall Inn Rally, to Saturday’s Youth Pride, to the 49th annual Pride Parade on Sunday, it’s safe to say this was one celebration for the books. In lieu of traditional Pride coverage, we sent one of our own Milk fam to document the festivities from the front lines. Below, Ethan Halpern recounts his experience as an 18-year-old artist and activist. 

Living in a country so divided (figuratively and literally) there is something special about coming together to celebrate love. With record breaking attendees at this year’s NYC Pride Festival, we did just that.


The Rally

Attending the rally at The Stonewall Inn was such an exhilarating experience. Standing side by side with activists (some of whome have worked since the 1970s towards equality) was empowering and exciting. Listening to stories about the Stonewall Riots and hearing about the trials and triumphs of such marginalized individuals was so powerful.

Youth Pride

The second annual NYC Youth Pride was truly a unique experience. Thousands of LGBTQIA+ youth (aged 8-18) came together to celebrate one thing: love. It was such an exciting event to attend. In attendance: drag artist Desmond The Amazing, singer Bea Miller (and her mother Kim from Gays Against Guns), and a multitude of other queer artists and activists.

The Parade

The New York City Pride Parade is such a special experience. It draws thousands of people together from all across the city to celebrate love and acceptance! That is certainly something we need today.

As an activist, it inspires me to see so many people engaged with our community and celebrating what brings us together rather then what separates us. It is especially powerful to see so many young kids so passionate about social justice issues and fighting for them. NYC Pride lets us all have a voice, and celebrate how far we have come. But the fight has yet to end.

All images courtesy of Ethan Halpern, founder of Rise Up Initiative

Stay tuned to Milk for more Pride coverage. 

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